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About Us

Bring your team together

We’re on a mission to start a conversation with you and your customers in this fast connected world. Let’s discover, build and grow your digital business.

We Work With 10 Years Of Experience

PASSTR Private Limited is a one-stop shop Company—you’ll have everything from branding to digital marketing services available to you to effectively, efficiently, and sustainably grow your business.

Web Design & Development
Online Support
Best Leadership Ideas
Expert Team
Affordable Price
Quick Access
Pixel Perfect
Creativity and Clarity.

Effective, efficient

It is for these reasons that 90% of our clients from all over the world keep coming back! Just ask them!

Pa is a unified communications platform that empowers business owners and promotes business growth through services that strengthen brand identity, and sustainably promote online presence to increase engagement. We offer services to help small business enterprises from branding, website development, to digital marketing—and everything else digital in between.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our client what they need! We are a dynamic team of creative people.

No need to waste time and money on different agencies that inclusively focus on various aspects of your business because at PASSTR Private Limited, we’ve got everything you need—and so much more.

PASSTR Private Limited houses professionals who will closely work with you as you effectively, efficiently, and sustainably race towards achieving your company’s growth, at a reasonable cost for your budding venture. So it’s worry-free, hassle-free, and affordable!

Mutual Contracts

As in Contracts with PASSTR Private Limited are mutually beneficial. We give you the measurable results you demand with no excuses, just hard work and dedication.

No Sweat Partnership

We don’t pester you for details, quotes, and samples. Just let us know which services you like and give us your requirements/guidelines, et voila! We do the rest—hassle-free.

Choose What To Use

All businesses are unique and require different services in pursuit of growth that is why our offerings are priced per item and as a package.

We Don’t ‘Judge The Book by I’ts Cover’

BrandCurb is known for unmatched prices not because it’s the cheapest, but because the prices are set—whether you are a small or big company—the prices are rated effort-based.

No Hidden Charges

We dare you to compare. We disclose to clients the prices for our services and its inclusions are detailed so you can make the best decision towards growth—everything transparent and worry-free.

Integrity is Key

Trust is a valuable and priceless commodity in this business, that is why BrandCurb prides itself in its 100% transparency with its clients.

Our Team

Meet our expert Team

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